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And I repeat: it is a question here of a completely new species of uncertainty, which results not from the lack of information but from information itself and even from an excess of information. It is information itself which produces uncertainty, and so this uncertainty, unlike the traditional uncertainty, is irreparable.


This is our destiny: subject to opinion polls, information, publicity, statistics; constantly confronted with the anticipated statistical verification of our behavior, and absorbed by this permanent refraction of our least movements, we are no longer confronted with our own will. We are no longer even alienated, because for that it is necessary for the subject to be divided in itself, confronted with the other, to be contradictory. Now, where there is no other, the scene of the other, like that of politics and of society, has disappeared. Each individual is forced despite himself or herself into the undivided coherency of statistics. There is in this a positive absorption into the transparency of computers, which is something worse than alienation.


(Jean Baudrillard, The masses: the implosion of the social in the media)




  1. ianuarie 15, 2009 la 8:05 am

    statisticly, it was 86,7% chances you quote jean Baudrillard in your blog in January.

  2. dohocampus
    ianuarie 15, 2009 la 9:54 am

    Oau, i’m curious now what i will write in febrary!

  3. ianuarie 15, 2009 la 12:47 pm

    ‘tule mama lor de strămoşi şi p-ăla de l-a pus necuratu’ să inventeze scrisu’ (cea mai veche formă europeană de simbolizare, posibil din lume. şi de ce nu din univers, hahahahaah)

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